Alan W. Metcalf, Attorney at Law

Firm Overview

Alan Metcalf was admitted to the California Bar Association in 1982 and started practicing General Business and Family Law between 1982 and 1986. From 1986 to the present he has focused in all aspects of family law including but not limited to custody, support, property division, forensic investigation and marital agreements.

A large portion of his practice involves picking up ongoing cases that need an aggressive experienced attorney to either take it to trial or promote a more fair division of the issues.

Attorney Alan Metcalf has been associated with Patterson, Hanna & Associates since 1986 when they purchased the building. PH&A is a Fullerton based law firm comprised of 3 family law attorneys, 2 civil & business attorneys, and 2 estate planning and trust lawyers. The firm also employees 6 trained paralegal's on staff. We have the experience to help you through all your legal matters.

As a Father himself, Alan is enjoying the privilege of being the Primary Custodial Parent of a teenage daughter. He's also a Step Parent who has raised 5 step children to adults over the last 26 years earning actual day to day experience with the same issues and problems facing the majority of his clients today. In addition, he possesses extensive legal experience in the Court Room assisting both Mothers and Fathers through these stressful times. You can feel secure trusting your case to our team of professionals.

We'll Work Hard for Our Family Law Clients!

Client testimonials

When my daughter needed legal help we turned to Alan Metcalf and we were glad we did. Alan has proven to be an extremely competent and caring attorney. Speaking as a father, I am glad that Alan represents my daughter. As a professional educator, I find Alan to be honest, knowledgeable, and forthright. If you need a family law attorney no one is better than Alan Metcalf. I fully endorse Alan Metcalf.

Paul M. Cox, Dean, AI MI University