Alan W. Metcalf, Attorney at Law

Child Custody

Time Share, Visitation (Standard schedules found on my web site, see O.C. Parenting Plan Guidelines and Children's Holiday Schedule). At the initial hearing the Court usually just preserves the STATUS QUO or (AS IS). Important if you want 20-50% or more time share with your children to actually be doing that at least couple of months before the court hearing, (ie. Have kid(s) sleep at your residence 4 or more nights per week at least 4 weeks prior to the hearing. You Need to do the following: Develop a parenting plan, attend and get certificate from parenting course, read parenting books and use info in your declaration as to why you should have custody and why (date, time, place, exact quotes) the other child should not. Spend time and document it with your children and get 3rd party declarations of witness to appear at the hearing. Must not get a DUI, Domestic Violence order or "busted" before or during any child custody proceeding. If doing drugs of any kind w/o Doctors specific orders STOP or give up Custody/Time with your kids.